5x5 Storage Unit Rental

Need more space? Keep your belongings safe and secure with our 5×5 storage units.

Rent a 5x5 Storage Unit

Storing your valuables doesn’t have to be difficult. At Iron Storage, we offer safe storage spaces for rent that you can access at any time. Whether you need a place to keep a few boxes or a larger space to store an entire home’s worth of things, we have different storage space sizes available for your different needs. Our 5×5 storage unit is perfect for small belongings like a few boxes or a few small pieces of furniture.

Benefits of Our 5x5 Storage Units

Extra clothes, boxes of memorabilia, or pieces of furniture can take up a lot of space at home. If you need to free up a little bit of valuable space, our 5×5 storage unit here at Iron Storage is a great place to store small-sized items you don’t need at the moment.

Interior cameras


Keep your belongings locked and safe in our 5x5 storage units. Secured 24/7, our team makes sure the storage units are guarded. We have complete video surveillance, electronic gate access, highly-trained security guards, resident managers, and staff to check on your unit at all times.

Interior storage units


Store your valuables in a safe space. Our selection of storage units offers different sizes for your different needs. Our 5x5 storage unit is spacious enough to accommodate your personal belongings, such as extra wardrobe, documents, and even small appliances and pieces of furniture.

Keys for storage unit


Make sure only you get sole access to your storage unit. Our security team ensures the protection of your belongings as long as they are under our care.

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Rent our storage units according to your needs with our flexible leasing options. You can try out our storage units and switch sizes to see which ones work best for you. We do not require a lock-in agreement in our facility, so you are free to adjust your lease according to your storage needs.

How Big is Our 5x5 Storage Unit

Our 5×5 storage units are equivalent to 25 square feet in size. They are 8 feet in height with a total of 200 cubic feet of space. This size is also equivalent to the following:
  • A small walk-in closet
  • Small cargo van
  • Family carload
Looking for an easy-to-access place to store your household belongings? With our 5×5 Storage Units of Iron Storage, you can easily store your important items with ease. Our storage facilities are safe and secure!

What you can do with our 5×5 Storage Unit

Practical in size but large enough to store important belongings, our 5×5 storage units can be a great place to keep the following:

Residential Storage

Keep other household items in our 5x5 storage units until you need them again and free up some space in your own home.

Office and Business Storage

Store old documents and office supplies in one of our storage units for safekeeping. This is a great option if you’re moving offices or if you simply need more space to keep items you do not urgently need.

Small Furniture Storage

Add more space to your home by storing your extra pieces of furniture, such as small chairs and tables in our 5x5 storage units.

Storage for Students

Set aside your belongings in between terms or when you need more space and rent out one of our 5x5 storage units. It’s the perfect space for small items you want to keep while you’re not using them.

Recreational Vehicle Storage

Keep your garage spacious by storing your recreational vehicle in one of our storage units instead. Our 5x5 storage units are able to keep small equipment and vehicles such as bikes and sports gear.

Seasonal Items Storage

Keep seasonal items such as decorations, winter clothing, or camping gear in one of our storage units. It’s a practical way to secure your belongings you do not normally use on a daily basis without worrying about taking up space in your home.

Items that can fit in our 5×5 storage unit

Find a safe space to store your belongings. Our 5×5 storage units here at Iron Storage may be small but they can keep several items such as the following:



Seasonal clothing such as gowns and winter coats, Extra clothing you no longer wear, Maternity or baby clothes you won’t need for a few years, Shoes

School and Office Supplies

School and Office Supplies

Books, Documents, Magazines



Chairs or stools, Small tables, Small cabinets, Small couches, Lamps, Seasonal decorations, Twin or queen mattress

Tools and Other Equipment

Tools and Other Equipment

Garden tools, Sports equipment, Gym equipment
Give yourself and your family the gift of extra space with Iron Storage’s 5×5 storage units.

5x5 storage unit cost

Our 5×5 storage unit cost varies depending on its size and features. The price may differ depending on additional feature requests such as climate control. Our team will be happy to provide you with a free quote and answer any questions about your specific storage needs.

We also offer flexible leasing options that we adjust according to your budget. Call us to discuss how much your 5×5 storage unit rental will cost you.

Why choose our 5x5 storage unit

Whether you need a special team of eyes to keep your belongings safe or you simply need some extra space, our 5×5 storage unit is a perfect place to keep important things you do not need right away.

Secure and Safe

We guard our customers’ storage units 24/7. Your belongings are safe with us with our advanced video surveillance, electronic gate access, highly-trained security guards, and experienced resident managers and staff.

Easy Access

Access your storage unit and belongings 24/7. As soon as you rent one of our storage units, you will receive your keys so you can check on your belongings any time, whenever you need to.

Flexible Scheduling

Try out our storage units without a lock-in agreement. With our flexible leasing options, we want to provide you with a flexible experience so you can test out which spaces work best for you and your belongings.

Convenient location

We have multiple locations across the country and a friendly team to help you out to make the process easier for you. Find an Iron Storage facility near you to get started.

5x5 Storage Unit FAQ

The ceilings of a 5×5 unit are 8ft tall, which is equivalent to a walk-in closet. You can stack boxes of items to maximize the space.

Your storage space is 200 cubic feet, perfect for small household items and personal stuff.

Yes, it can accommodate small appliances. However, if you will be storing more items, you can request built-in shelves to protect your washer and dryer from overloading.

A 5×5 storage may not fit a usual motorcycle. However, you may get a 5×10 storage space that fits your vehicle.

The 5×5 storage unit price varies due to several factors. It includes the location, the market, and the availability. However, its cost is not as pricey compared to units with bigger areas. Talk to us at Iron Storage to get an accurate quote.

A 5×5 storage unit looks like a closet or a small garage. Upon sliding the door open, you can store your personal items, business documents, and other household stuff you may not be using for the time being. You can also choose units with built-in shelves, lighting, climate control features, and surveillance cameras.

The most common question we get is how to find the “best storage units near me”. Find a storage unit online with Iron Storage so we can help you locate the nearest facility in your home.

If you are moving your things to your storage unit, you need a moving van or a pickup truck to transfer your stuff. A 4×8 and 5×8 cargo trailer can also accommodate your things.

A queen-size mattress fits a 5×5 unit when you store it vertically on the side to accommodate more space.

A small couch can fit into your 5×5 storage unit. However, you must store it on the side to maximize the space.

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