A Guide on How to Get Rid of Storage Unit Stuff

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How Do You Rid Yourself of The Belongings You Have in a Storage Unit?

It’s simple to let a storage unit fill up with things you haven’t had time to deal with. But, especially if you’ve been clinging to something for a while, letting go might be challenging.

However, there are several advantages to getting rid of storage unit belongings. First, you have your reasons for considering it, as evidenced by reading this post. And there are undoubtedly a lot of solid reasons to organize.

So, if you’re unsure of where to begin when it comes to cleaning out a storage unit, this article will help. Not only that, but this article also aims for you to find the best self-storage facility.

Why you should clean out your storage unit

Several factors make cleaning out your storage unit necessary. Keeping your storage unit clean is crucial, regardless of how long you need it to be stored. This article will cover the main factors that make cleaning out your storage unit necessary.

It will save money

One of the biggest reasons to clean out your storage unit is to save money on rental expenses. If your unit is overflowing with belongings, you can pay for more space than you require.

You can downsize to a smaller unit and lower your monthly rent by cleaning your unit and removing needless belongings. In addition, keeping your stuff consistently tidy will ensure that you aren’t paying for more storage space than you require.

It will free up space

It’s no surprise that removing some items from your unit can free up space. And the free space can be used to store other valuable items, or you can downsize your renting unit.

Find some things worth reusing or reselling

When things are stored and piled up for a long time, we tend to forget what those things are and their value. People say there can be money on trash, which can apply to this situation.
Someone else may find the things you don’t need to be useful for them. Or the things that weren’t useful to you before may help you now.

To keep your belongings safe

Many people may be surprised to learn that mold and mildew can grow on furniture. These bacteria thrive in moist environments, and if your storage unit isn’t kept clean and ventilated correctly, it could make it more likely that they will grow.

In addition, molds and mildew are hazardous when inhaled, so if you frequent your storage unit frequently, you may unintentionally inhale them.

Reduce your stress

Clutter is undoubtedly a source of stress. Looking at all those trash and random things piled up can be stressful. In addition, the rent payment and not knowing the value of the items you are storing can be daunting.

Get organized

If you take the time to clean your storage unit, you can quickly find things you no longer need and reduce the amount of clutter. You can also make the most of your space and ensure that everything you need is easily accessible by organizing and cleaning your storage unit.

Tips for cleaning out your storage unit

It may be quite a task to clean out a storage unit, especially if it is filled with heavy, huge goods. However, you shouldn’t be disheartened if your unit is disorganized. We’ll provide you with some advice on cleaning out your storage unit to lighten your load effectively.

  • Plan and create compartments.
  • Make a day dedicated to decluttering.
  • Establish Sorting Categories.
  • Create a transportation plan.
  • Know that it’s time to say goodbye.

How to get rid of stuff in a storage unit

How to get rid of stuff in a storage unit

Getting rid of stuff in a storage unit can be overwhelming. Knowing where to begin with so much crammed into a bit of space could be challenging. However, there are some guidelines you may adhere to to make decluttering your storage unit easier.

Take inventory

You should examine the unit and quickly inventory what’s inside.

Write down what you see. Keep a pen and paper close by and write down a few enormous things you can see immediately. Count the boxes and record the number you’ll have to figure out to gauge how much time the clear out will require.

Enlist help from pals and plan a day to declutter

Preparing yourself for what is to come is essential to reduce the likelihood of becoming overwhelmed. Come equipped with moving supplies and choose a time to do so.

Having more than one person on hand might be helpful. If you’re cleaning out a loved one’s unit, make sure you have both emotional support and some extra muscle when you ask for help in advance.

Sort stuff into categories like keep, sell and toss

The Four-Box Declutter Method is an excellent way to sort through and eliminate large quantities of clutter. A keep, toss, donate/sell, and storage box are the four empty boxes used in this method for sorting.

The keep box contains things you can bring home from your storage unit.
Things that will remain in storage are sorted in the storage box. Next, you will have a sell box for the items you intend to donate or sell. The final box is a toss box, where anything that can’t be fixed will go.

Stay on task and get the job done

Failure to complete the task within the allotted time frame is the most common error when cleaning out a storage unit. If you seem to be stuck, ask for help from a professional. However, if it can be done on your own, make sure to be consistent.

Find creative ways to get rid of storage unit stuff

The Four-Box Declutter Method is one of the creative ways you can follow to declutter your storage unit. Look for other creative ways that may work for you.

Sell items from a storage unit

There are multiple ways of selling things. You could sell the whole unit through an auction or sell everything independently. You can sell them online or through a garage sale at home.

Hire a junk removal company if necessary

You don’t have to do a thing to get rid of the contents of your storage unit. Many businesses can assist you if you cannot do the cleaning on your own or need to know someone who can; hiring a professional can be especially helpful.
Cleaning supplies

What supplies do I need to declutter my storage unit?

At first, decluttering appears to be an effortless activity, but it may become very daunting and chaotic if you haven’t planned and prepared carefully. And this is where having a supplies kit for decluttering truly comes in helpful.

Garbage bags

Bring a lot, not kitchen trash bags but sturdy bags and if you know you have a lot that needs to be thrown away, perhaps even contractor bags.


As you sort through the items, you should also bring some boxes. You’ll have an easier time organizing everything if you use boxes.


Bring packing tape so the boxes can be sealed for transport or storage.


Have scissors or a box cutter for opening the already stored boxes.


Bring poster markers so you can label your boxes accurately.


As you sort through the items in your storage unit, you might also want to bring gloves if your unit has been neglected for some time.


Over time, dirt and dust build up. Bring a mask with you if you don’t want to inhale everything as you move units.

Labeling boxes and bags for decluttering storage

You will need to have boxes or bags with you as you sort through the items in your storage unit so that you can put them into categories.
professional cleaner

Should I hire a professional to declutter my storage unit?

To assist you in cleaning out your storage unit, you most likely won’t need to employ a professional. Instead, having a friend or family member present could be beneficial to offer support and encouragement.

You have a choice, though. If you find it difficult to go forward, consider getting professional assistance with decluttering. Remember that no one can make all the decisions for you. You still have to be there with the professional to decide what stays and what goes.

Is a junk removal service necessary in putting out your stuff?

The same with hiring a professional; hiring a junk removal service depends on your situation and decision. You could contact nearby junk removal services to request a quote if you have a lot of damaged things in storage or when your unit contains a lot of trash.

Decluttering is a Good Bye

A storage unit can be cleaned without it being a nightmare. You can have a neat and organized place to store your valuables for as long as you do a little planning, effort, and regular upkeep.

Meanwhile, Iron Storage is a good option if you haven’t yet moved your belongings into storage yet. Excellent customer service and simple access to your unit are provided. However, you need not to worry about security too, because the facilities are gated with individual access codes.

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